Paw patrol is actually a cartoon in which there are six rescue dogs. These dogs are led by a tech-savvy cartoon character or a boy named Ryder. In the cartoon, they are continuously on missions and adventures and every adventure is big in its own way.

Paw Patrol Characters

Children love this cartoon show and parents tend to buy their children paw patrol coloring pages so that they can learn how to color in a fun way.


  • Paw patrol is originally a Canadian production. The rights of this cartoon show belong to the Spin Master Entertainment. This company was established by the two childhood friends. They were also university friends and studied at the University of Western Ontario. Hence, the original rights of this cartoon show belongs to Anton Rabie and Ronnen Harary. They established their own production company in 1994 and took their classmate, Ben Vardi in.
  • The Paw Patrol was produced and directed by a British producer, Keith Chapman. Keith Chapman was already successful in the industry as he produced the most successful TV cartoon show, ‘Bob The Builder’. However, he was approached by the Spin Master Entertainment first.
  • Notice that the paw in Paw Patrol is always spelled in capital letters. It is because according to the Spin Master Entertainment and the related sources, it stands for ‘Pups at Work’ or ‘Protect and Wag’.
  • Each dog in the cartoon show is a different breed except Rocky. Rocky is actually a mixed breed. Chase is German Shepherd., Skye is Cockapoo, Marshall is Dalmatian,  Zuma is Labrador and Rubbie is a bulldog. Everest is Husky and the Tracker in the PAW control is Chihuahua.
  • Zuma, the dog is the youngest in the cartoon show and Everest the dog is the oldest. They are 5 years old and 8 years old respectively. 5 years of a dog’s life is equal to 36 years of human life. So I guess they are suggesting that the dogs have the minds of mature adults.
  • All the vehicles shown in the PAW patrol are seemed to be numbered. Ryder’s vehicle is numbered 1, while the dogs’ vehicles are also numbered according to their creation by the Spin Master Entertainment.
  • The personalities of the dogs in the Paw Patrol complement the name of the dogs too.
  • Paw Patrol has been telecasted in almost 160 countries. However, it is very popular in the United Kingdom.
  • The first season of the PAW Patrol first came on the television on August, 2013. After that, the most famous television channel, Nickelodeon picked it up for America.
  • There are currently 3 seasons of the PAW Patrol that are running in over 160 countries. However, the Spin Master Control confirmed that the other seasons, such as the third, fourth and the fifth season are already in progress for children’s entertainment.


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